Human Trafficking for Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Domestic Commercial Sexual Exploitation

In domestic human trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation, traffickers force victims to provide sexual services to customers, usually in exchange for money.

Victims may have a background that could include but not limited to:

  • A victim of child abuse/ neglect
  • Who has been sexually assaulted
  • Has been a victim of domestic violence (experiencing the cycle of abuse)
  • May be facing addiction issues and/or mental health issues
  • Has been forced to perform other illegal acts and feels hostage of their situation
  • Has been kidnapped
  • May be or may have been homeless
  • Has experienced an upbringing in foster homes and/or group homes – (lack of stabilization)
  • May face systemic cultural issues / come from a marginalized community
  • Could be a new comer to Canada and may not know their legal rights or the language

Stages of Sex Trafficking

Differences between Voluntary Sex work V.S. Human Trafficking

Common Terms / Definitions within Commercial Sexual Exploitation (Sex Trafficking)

  1. The Game:Term used to refer to the commercial sex trade
  2. PIMP: “Person Into Marketing Prostitutes” or “Put in My Pocket” or “Prostitutes In My Procession”
    Mack Daddy: Not involving violence, usually the head pimp in a bigger stable
    Gorilla Pimp: Uses violence and aggression
    Romeo Pimp: Lures and keeps their girls through affection and attention
    Addiction Pimp: Lures and keeps their stable through addiction
    Front Pimp: The one who does ‘the dirty work’ to keep the stable in line, collecting money for the “Mack Daddy”
  3. Prostitute/ H.O.E.: “Hand Over Everything” – A person who generates money for sexual services and usually gives money to their pimp if they are not working independently
  4. Stable: The group of women that the pimp has control over
  5. “Bottom Bitch”: A pimp’s main girl, who has been with him for a long time and earned his trust. She has more responsibilities than the other girls in the pimp’s stable, such as recruiting new girls and keeping the other girls under control
  6. John/ Trick: A man who pays for sexual services. A sex trade worker’s client
  7. Turning Tricks: To offer sexual services in exchange for payment
  8. Branding: A pimp forcing his girls to tattoo themselves with a mark
  9. Exit Fee: A fee is that is owed if the victim wants to leave their pimp
  10. Seasoning: The breakdown process in which a pimp uses to lure and procure girls into the sex trade


Government of Ontario (2014). Helping trafficked persons: Resource handbook for service providers. Online Training Initiative to Address Human Trafficking. 1-116.


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