Other Forms of Human Trafficking

Other Forms of Human Trafficking

Domestic Servitude

  • An invisible form of exploitation as the victims are hidden and not seen by the community
  • Signs include:
    • Exploitation in private households which include: housekeeping, caring for children and/or elderly
    • Long working hours with little or no pay
    • Poor living standards, no privacy, influence over movements, and constant monitoring
    • Documents are withheld and possible immigration status held against them
    • Threats and emotional/physical abuse
  • Victims tend to be international persons entering Canada through live-in caregiver program or other promises of a ‘good life’

Forced Labour

  • Can be any type of work, service, or employment
  • NOT voluntary – there is no consent to enter employment, and no permission to leave the employment
  • Can be any age, gender, nationality etc.
  • Usually involving international cases
  • Tend to involve temporary migrant workers
  • Recruitment on false pretenses and promises
  • Variety of settings including but not limited to: domestic service (live in nanny services), commercial agriculture, hospitality, construction etc.

Forced Illegal Activities

  • Illegal activities used as an effective means of controlling the victim
  • Difficult acknowledging trafficked persons are victims rather criminals
  • Most common forms: petty theft, credit card theft, marijuana grow-ops, drug deals
  • Often correlated and overlap with other forms of exploitation (i.e. ‘bottom bitch’ now procuring and luring in other girls to fill their pimps stable)


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